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Dust, animal husbandry, sudden changes in complexion, he was a bit aghast looking at the front of the white-haired old man, who at this time sound than before, obviously have a glimmer of genuine emotion, and now, he almost certainly living! This white-haired old man, actually also has a wisdom? ! "Do not nervous, just because you cast my wooden temple gods surgery, this activated my spirit lurking in the shadow of a sense of it, and this road awareness, will soon dissipated. "Los glass, you go with me, west border war continued, Roselle family retreat, as long as you and me back to the blood Protoss, I married into the family, please, when you married my blood Protoss with our family on Roselle no longer separated from each other, the other two Protoss, we can erase them then, west boundary is our two communities in the world, you can preserve the Luo tribe. cheap nike nfl jerseys for sale Bright gold, once again erupted since Wenqing Xuan body, clenched her hand, and soon the golden gun battle fierce sell out, the wind boom, has also turned into Baizhang huge, surging gold immediately, directly into a spectacular Jin Hong is carrying the matchless fierce and overbearing, if the lightning fast, animal husbandry against dust enveloped away. When Jaap chill that contains the voice echoed in the huge temple of this, everyone is able to feel, an indescribable surging spiritual power, in this case like a volcano in general, since Jaap swept out of the body Hurricane kind of spiritual power surge caused by the huge temple in this crazy blowing.

Wen Qingxuan That turned eyes to see the dust, animal husbandry, she reveals that of honor and pride like Fengmu, looked husbandry dust, which has some of the look as if like taste, after a moment, her lips set off a touch of banter color, he said:"Animal husbandry dust captain, I have come to make a deal with you. cheap nfl jerseys for sale Ji Hyun punched burst of rock, took a deep breath, just the mood gradually calm down, his hand slowly clenched, eyes some grim:"Los glass, since you are so highly of him, and that this time, I'm gonna with your face, put him down fiercely riding, I want him beyond redemption! " That four young Qiaode Ji Hyun's eyes at this time, my heart is shocked, Gang Yu to speak, their hands of hospital cards, suddenly broke out of a bright light, they looked hurried, looking suddenly changed, and exclaimed out sound. However, Jaap these aspirations punch, but did not have any effect, punch passing a void and then directly rushed empty, dust, animal husbandry, figure, and not, as it appears material. cheap nfl jerseys for sale

"I can not get you even think to give, I do not baby will leave you here. Of course, not only are they, even the king of the bell, Wu Yingying them this strength of the people, are some dignified look, with their strength, which is the seventh layer below Lingbaoshan fighting for their fundamental questioning how much of a threat, but them with their eyes, naturally, will not end there yet, if there is any day material treasure to attract them, it would be only the seventh floor above Lingbaoshan day material to treasure Just so, then they will have to face the kind of war even powerful, but even that level of war, is already enough to pose a threat to them.